So does this mean we’re rednecks?!

After almost a year of marriage we are enjoying the much needed slower pace of life for the summer. We have kicked it off right by spending lots of time outside. One of our favorite things about summer is that we have had more time to spend with our nephews Kase and Knox. Kase is three and he loves coming to our house. We think it’s because he loves us so much but Brooke (my sister) says it’s because we have a petting zoo. A few chickens, three cats, and a dog do not count as a petting zoo in my book but whatever. Anyway, the other day Kase spent the day with us. We had some things to do outside so we figured he could hang out and play in the yard with us. Not having kids of our own we didn’t realize that his attention span was pretty small so he got pretty bored with one thing after a little while. Brandon and I still had some things to do and I was running out of ideas to keep Kase busy. It was a hot day and so I had the idea to drag Brandon’s john boat to the back yard and fill it up with water. Brandon thought this was a ridiculous idea but being the stubborn person I am I did it anyway. Kase was having the time of his life splashing around in the boat when Brandon and I went to check on him. We quickly got into the spirit and dropped what we were doing to engage in a water fight. It may be a little redneck to use a john boat as a swimming pool but for the fun we had I’d gladly be called a redneck!

Brandon and I didn’t get everything done we needed to do but it was so worth it! To stop and not be in such a hurry with checking off a “to do” list and just enjoy the day with family is one of the top reasons I love summer! Please let this be a reminder to you. Take the time to drop what you’re doing and focus on the ones you love even if it is in a john boat.

(I have to add that later Brandon admitted it was a pretty good idea.)


One thought on “So does this mean we’re rednecks?!

  1. I couldn't wait to check out your blog posts and came across this one. Brandon was telling me all about how much fun this day was on our way back from FFA Convention. It is so much fun to read– and like you said, it's okay to be considered a redneck when you're having that much fun!

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