Love List

$5 well spent….

Does it seem like the life expectancy of a float never exceeds one summer to anyone else but me?  If I had a quarter for every float we have bought for the pool since I was a child I would be rich!  Holes seal the fate of one after another to the trash can.  If my mom said don’t jump on the floats once she said it a million times but somehow they still didn’t survive.  There were a couple of summers that my mom was brave and invested in some of the foam floats that were supposed to last longer and were more expensive.  However, that money went down the drain because they still seemed to disappear before the next summer.  So I suppose we’ve just given up and are prepared to buy a whole new set of floats each year. 

Which brings me to the point of my rambling.  I am going to give the credit where it is due to my friend Angel, or it may have actually been her mom, anyway they have discovered the best float for Summer 2011.  It can be found at Wal-Mart and Kmart and only cost $5!!!!!  It is my favorite float ever!  Why you ask? 
  1. You are partially submerged in the water so you stay cool and refreshed.
  2. It is a seat so you can sit up and talk.
  3. It is a lounger so you can lean back and nap.
  4. It has cup holders! 
  5. And did I mention it’s only $5!!!!! 


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