The Peach State

Well, our first official road trip has begun. First stop Carrollton, GA. Brandon’s mom and step dad live in Carrollton so we are starting out our trip spending a few days with them. We started things off right by sleeping in. We’ll not talk about how late that was. When we finally did get moving we explored the town square. What a quaint little area with locally owned shops and restaurants. We ate lunch at the Corner Cafe which makes it’s own bagel chips and foccacia bread which are definitely worth mentioning. Since it was afternoon several of the shops were closed but we were able to stop in two book stores. One was a used book store, Underground Books. We don’t have a used bookstore at home so I love to seize the opportunity to browse. The store was located in the basement of an old building hence the name Underground Books. Since we will be driving to Savannah on Monday we had been talking about the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil which is based out of Savannah. There was a copy for $4 (can’t beat that) so of course I snatched it up. While looking around I also found a copy of Battle of the Sexes. Yes, that’s a game but there is also a book that is full of questions from the game. Perfect for a roadtrip and also only $4 so I purchased it too. The best part of my purchase is that I found old newspaper clippings from 1997 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil movie reviews . It’s so much more fun (and cheaper) to purchase a used book. You never know what treasures you might find inside.
(Proudly holding my purchases proudly at the entrance of Underground Books.  Brandon had to take this picture with his phone because I left my SD card in my computer.)
We then walked on to another bookstore on the square which boasts of being Georgia’s oldest bookstore established in 1892, Horton’s Books & Gifts. They have books, stationary, cards, coffee, and oddly enough three resident cats that are welcoming to anyone who passes through the doors. We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and cherishing the time we had with family.

Next stop, Atlanta.



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