Meet Me in St. Louis

It seems we’ve stayed on the road this summer as much as we’ve stayed at home.  But when Dad offered us Cardinals tickets we didn’t mind one bit getting on the road yet again.  Even though the game wasn’t until Sunday, we decided to make a weekend of it and drove down on Saturday.  Brooke did some research for family activities in St. Louis.  And of course I went straight to food network to search for St. Louis hot spots.  Might I say we came up with a great combination.
After we were settled in to our rooms we headed straight to Brooke’s discovery, City Museum.  She had read on the Internet that it was fun for all ages.  So we decided to give it a try.  We thought we would spend a couple of hours there and then head on to dinner.  Man oh man were we clueless to what was coming.  I absolutely do not know how to explain this place in words.  The logo for City Museum is “Where the Imagination Runs Wild”.  There may not be a better way to sum it up.  We could have spent days there and not experienced it all.  There are mazes, treehouses, slides galore, jungle gyms, life size slinkies, and even a 10 story slide.  The cool thing is there’s no age limit.  I don’t mean literally they let kids of all ages I mean it’s made for kids and adults alike.  There are just as many adults climbing the treehouses, going down the slides, and wiggling through the slinkies.  It is definitely a place to visit and a place we would go back.  Make sure if you go to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  I made the mistake of wearing a dress and sandals.
1. Scotty and Knox going down one of the rooftop slide. 2. Dad taking a trip on the rooftop slide showing Kase it wasn’t so bad. 3. My reaction after the 10 story slide. 4. Kase on the school bus which is mounted hanging off the roof. Scary! 5. Knox loved the mazes he could walk around in. 6. Kase’s reaction to the 10 story slide. 7. I didn’t realize we were going to get wet on the lily pads. 8. Dad going down the treehouse slide. 9. Brandon climbing the outdoor jungle gym type contraptions called Monstrocity. 10. Brandon in the treehouse. 11. Scotty taking Kase down one of the rooftop slides. 12. Kase found the elephant. 13. Brandon making his way through Montrocity. 14. Dad climbing across the extended jungle gym, notice the school bus on the rooftop in the background. 15. Brandon and I deciding how we were going to pass one another without getting wet.
My discovery for the trip was Crown Candy Kitchen.  Of course it has to do with food.  While they do serve lunch and dinner they are most famous for their 1904 World’s Fair style sundaes.  So that is what we were after, the sundaes.  The location is not very big at all and it was packed.  There were 10-15 small booths for dine in but also an extremely looooong to go line.  It was well worth the wait.  Brandon and I had the signature Crown Sundae which was vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and caramel sauce topped with lots of buttered roasted pecans.  Delicious!!  Crown Candy Kitchen has been open since 1913 and has also had a policy since its beginning.  If you can drink 120 ounces of malts or shakes within 30 minutes you get them free, have your name inscribed on a plaque, and receive a free t-shirt.  The popular TV show “Man vs. Food” attempted the challenge but fell short.  Only 22 people have ever been able to succeed.  Needless to say we didn’t try it.  Just our one sundae was challenge enough.
We capped our trip off the next day with the game.  Dad was able to get us great tickets and the Cardinals won!  It was Brandon’s first Cardinals game.  It was hard for me to believe since he is a baseball fan.  However, growing up in Tennessee he was a Braves follower but I think he’s converted.  
The heat and full stomachs (from nachos and hot dogs) took their toll on Kase and Knox and as you can see they missed the first part of the game.  (The picture was taken on Brooke’s phone so it’s kind of fuzzy)  But when they woke up they were ready to go!! 
Thank goodness we were in the shade.  We probably wouldn’t have made it if we weren’t.  You can tell Knox’s little cheeks are red from the heat. 
When Kase saw this baseball cap in the store he was determined it would be is.  How can you say no to that face?!
Thanks for the tickets Dad!  I love spending time with my family and this was no exception  A fun weekend with new adventures and the enjoyment of America’s pastime!

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