Love List

Put Some Love in the World
Last night I was able to have a dear friend of mine and her family come over for supper.  I haven’t seen her in two years.  We’ve known one another since we were around 16 years old.  No matter the distance between us or the time between our visits or talks she will always be my dear friend.  To love on her two sweet girls and see what God is doing in her family was such an encouragement. 
So thankful for a visit from my friend EA.
I don’t think age limits friendship.
New friend, Vivi Mei
Young, sweet friendship
As I cherished my time with EA, I remembered a post I read on one of my favorite blogs.  Joy the Baker (love her) was promoting a giveaway (yes, yes I love blog giveaways and I
always enter but never seem to win) and she had a unique way for her readers to enter. Most of the time to enter a giveaway you simply comment to the post and say how much you love what they’re giving away.  She encouraged her readers to . . .
“let someone know that they inspire you, let someone know that you appreciate them, let someone know that you love them”
 . . . and then she asked that after they did that they post a comment about what they did.  I think she summed up her reasoning when she wrote,
“Put some love in the world.”
So after spending time with EA and reading Joy’s post, my mind started moving to all these people in my life that are my friends.  I reminisced back to a particularly difficult time in my life when a friend sent in the mail, snail mail that is, these lyrics framed.
“When the sun shines
We’ll shine together
Told you I’ll be here
Said I’ll always be your
Took an oath
I’m sticking it out to the end
Now that it’s raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my
(Courtesy of Rihanna)
Also in the package was an umbrella.  To this day I still have those lyrics in my house.  I’m reminded every day that she loves me and is there for me.  And over the years I’ve been able to echo that message back to her. 
Friends push one another to finish.
I rememberd a time at work I thought I might go crazy when my phone rang.  The office was calling to tell me I had a delivery.  My sweet, precious friend had sent me flowers in a coffee mug with a huge smiley face on it. 
Tacky Mismatched Friends
So now that I’m married I’m getting to experience a whole new realm of friendship.  My friendship with B is something I cherish (probably not nearly as much as I should) and will never experience with anyone else. 
There’s nothing like the friendship in marriage.
So are you still with me?  My mind moves on a crazy path sometimes. 
In our Sunday school class we’ve been going through 1 Samuel.  The close friendship of Jonathan and David is such a beautiful picture.  Even when Jonathan dies David cares for his family. 
I could go on and on of stories and memories of my precious friends.  But you’re probably wondering by now so where are you going with all this?  All I really want to do is echo Joy and simply encourage you to cherish and love your friends.  But also to remind you to be a friend. 
So . . . today I add friendship to my  . . .


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