Hectic Life

An area of focus for the Wilson household this year is our calendar.  We are both making a conscious effort to review our schedules on a regular basis together.  What this looks like is that on our joint rides to work I pull out our old fashioned paper calendar and we go through together what the next month to two months looks like.  We attempted the electronic shared calendars for awhile but that didn’t seem to work for us so we reverted to the old fashion pen and paper.  We keep a calendar for a multitude of reasons.  One, sometimes things get so busy that we forget important events because we didn’t write them down somewhere.    Two, I will think I told B about an upcoming event and he will think he has told me only to realize either one of us forgot or one of us didn’t really tell the other.  And the list goes on.  Writing it down and reviewing often helps to eliminate miscommunication. 

One part of this calendar process for us is actually scheduling dates.  Yes we see one another every day at home, typically eat supper together, etc., etc.  However, a lot of times it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day events of life and the purposeful conversations or face-to-face quality time is pushed to the side.  B is working on his Ph.D. right now and it seems he either is on the computer writing or in the chair with his books reading.  So, these scheduled dates are important to us.  We both know that we are going to get the other’s undivided attention. 

This past Saturday was one of our scheduled dates.  We both have loved this shift in the weather so we decided to take advantage and do something outside. 

I prepared a picnic supper, packed a book and a game to keep us entertained, and loaded up the golf cart.  Fortunately we live close to a pond we can take advantage of.  Off we headed down Hwy 62 (yes we know it’s illegal to ride golf carts on the highway) to the perfect picnic spot.  We feasted on homemade fried chicken nuggets, cheesy macaroni with bacon, and kettle cooked chips. 

The few hours we had together enjoying the sunset, reading our book, and laughing as I beat B yet again at another game, I was reminded of how important this time is I have with him. 
The only other relationship that is more important is the relationship I have with the Lord.  So in the hectic pace of life it’s important to schedule time with my husband who takes priority over the work emails I need to respond to, laundry filling the utility room, dirty dishes spilling out of the sink, or my latest craft project.    

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