A Must Read, Even for Non Readers

I have been an avid reader even before I could read.  Sounds impossible doesn’t it?  I have my mom to thank for this.  She started reading to me at a very early age, which I credit to my love for reading.  Even after I could read I loved to hear my Mom read Superfudge to my sister and I at the end of our driveway while we waited for the bus. 
In 1st grade Mrs Ligon had shelves of books she encouraged us to take home.  I can remember excitedly picking out which ones to pack in my backpack and enjoy at home with my mom.  While the 1st grade reading contest did motivate me (I’m slightly competitive) even after the contest I didn’t stop. 
In 7th grade, Mrs. Ballard was my reading teacher.  Each week we were expected to write a letter to Mrs. Ballard about what we were reading.  I loved having the chance to pour my thoughts out on the particular novel I was engrossed in at the time.  What I loved even better was the fact that Mrs. Ballard wrote back to me.  She would even give me suggestions of books to read that I still love today.  
In high school Mrs. Cates made us read a classic for our college English class.  I picked out Jane Eyre and probably would have quit about 50 pages in if she wouldn’t have kept pushing me to continue.  Boy am I glad I took her advice.  To this day it’s a novel that I’ve read over and over.   
Even today I can’t find enough time to get lost in the lives of others whether fiction or nonfiction.  The problem is now I have responsibilities that get in the way.  Things like a job and vacuuming.   
However, I am aware that there are some folks out there that don’t enjoy journeying through pages of adventures.  And while I’ll never understand I’m going to try to just accept our differences.  But . . . I have found a book that both readers and nonreaders MUST read. 
 You might remember from what I wrote about not being able to have favorites that I would never be so bold to say this is my favorite.  However, it must be added to my love list
(Click on the book to go to the website)
So even if you are not a reader you must read this.  Even if you aren’t typically crazy about non-fiction you must read this.  Even if you don’t think you have time you must read this.  But I warn you, if you are emotional at all make sure you have tissue ready.  Don’t let that sway you from buying it, borrowing it, downloading it, or whatever you must do.  And do it TODAY! 
This is a beautiful story of two very different men’s paths coming together for them to realize they really aren’t so different.  My words cannot do it justice, just see for yourself.  And ladies encourage your husbands, boyfriends, brothers, uncles . . . to read it also.  Just because it’s emotional doesn’t mean it’s just for women.  My dad is the one who recommended it to me. 
So, I’m going to stop trying to convince you and let you see for yourself. 

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