Wheelbarrow Races

B and I love having nephews!  We’re so thankful for the relationship that Scotty and Brooke allow us to have with Kase and Knox.  Yes, we spoil them a little (Brooke would say a lot) but it’s not just about spoiling them.  The opportunity to watch them grow and learn is such a blessing.  An added bonus is that sometimes we are able to be a part of teaching them new things.  Things like wheelbarrow racing.

It was just another impromptu supper at mom and dad’s .  Somewhere in the midst of eating supper, Kase and I were chasing one another with a giggling Knox following every step we took.  I’m not 100% sure how it started but somehow I started pushing B around, wheelbarrow style.  Kase of course was intrigued and wanted to try.  So I taught him how and he caught on really quick not to mention that he was pretty fast for a four year old.  Typical of a younger sibling, we look over at Knox and he was on his belly sticking his feet up.  If Kase does it then you better guarantee that Knox is going to try.  Knox had to alter his form a bit due to the fact that his little arms couldn’t hold up his body and move forward at the same time so he just scooted on his forearms. 

The race was on.  We lined them up, counted to three, and cheered them to the finish.  Wheelbarrow racing may not be the most important thing Kase and Knox learn but it’s a memory of being their aunt and uncle we can tuck away for continued enjoyment.



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