Love List

I’ve been wanting some of these cute ceramic berry baskets for some time but just haven’t broken down and purchased them.  They’re perfect as a table decoration or using them practically to store fruit for quick and easy access in the refrigerator.  Anthropologie has them in all cute colors but they were $14 a basket, and they’re not very big.  Plus shipping and handling so I just couldn’t convince myself.  This week Brooke sent me an email with a picture of the same ones I had seen from Anthropologie.  Remembering again how cute they were and how I would love to have them I started googling and found them on sale from Sur la Table for $5.56.  WHAT A DEAL!  They had white and turquoise in stock.  I was sold and purchased them on the spot.  Probably not something I needed but I will definitely put them to use and they’re so cute! 
By the way, if you order them, don’t be surprised by the enormous box they come in.  I only ordered three and they came in a huge box wrapped up as if they were the most fragile, precious item ever.  At least they came in one piece.  (Forgive the blurry pictures.  I took them on my phone.)


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