The Happiest Place on Earth

Walt Disney World, The Happiest Place on Earth

What more can I say?  No matter how hard I try my words can’t capture the joy, the fun, the excitement, the memories of traveling with family especially when it’s to Disney.  So, I’ll let the pictures speak for me.  

Now Playing:  It’s Tough to be a Bug!
Knox and his “Raffe”.  He was so excited it came so close to the truck.
Brooke and Mom taking a break.  Scotty and Knox getting a little business done.
Kase sums up the Disney excitement!
So, precious!  He waved the entire parade and his hand must have become tired because he had to hold it up with his other hand in order to keep waving.  
I kept trying to tell Kase no sad faces or crying at Disney but I suppose there’s bound to be a few tears shed.
I think Knox would have taken Minnie home.
B was such a good sport wearing his Mickey shirt.
Where else can you get Mickey shaped waffles?  They even taste better!  Honest!
I had to include this picture.  B just happened to capture this moment.  This man ran over my foot with his stroller and it hurt!  I promise I wasn’t yelling at him.  
My favorite Disney character!!!  I think Kase had a crush on her.  
Disney Totem Pole at our hotel, The Wilderness Lodge.
What’s a trip without using the camera timer?
Just a few of the Christmas touches, life size presents!
B and Aunt Wendy bought treats for the boys!  This sign was made entirely out of jelly beans!
Woddy and his best pal, Kase.
Kase and Uncle B on the African drums in Animal Kingdom.
Mom and Dad in front of the monster Christmas tree in the Wilderness Lodge.  

B found this Rice Krispie Turkey Leg for Mom.
What’s a trip without B making a weird face in at least one picture?!


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