A New Tradition

Happy Easter!  
I don’t think I”ll even try to express in my words what this day represents.  I’m going to lean on Noel Piper (John Piper’s wife) and her explanation of this special day.
“Easter is not a one-day thing-not a 24-hour event.  Easter is our reawakening to the ever living Jesus.  The celebration is our springtime springboard into the whole year of THE LORD IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED!”

B and I started a new tradition for our family today.  Since we started the adoption process I have been praying for our child.  Each morning I pray for his caretakers, preparation for the transition when he comes home to us, his birth mother, and most importantly his salvation.  With each prayer that flows from my lips I grow to love him more, long for him more, and feel an urgency to pray even more for him.  Recently I came across this quote by Octavius Winslow on the Desiring God blog which was fueled the desire to lift my child up to his maker!
“Christian mothers, your child may be far away from the sheltering home, voyaging on the stormy sea, or dwelling in some distant climate beyond your voice. But he is still within the reach of the mightiest power a mother can wield – the power of prayer! And although you cannot throw around him your maternal arms to shield him from the evil of the world, you can invest him with your wrestling believing petitions, and secure on his behalf the Arm which encircles the globe, and is mighty to save. Oh that the Church of God may be filled with such praying mothers!”

Maybe I’m technically not yet a mother, but I believe God has a child chosen just for our family and even though I haven’t wrapped my arms around him God knows exactly where he is.    

Our tradition started with three eggs.  In each egg was a verse.  One specifically chosen for each of us.  This verse we will pray for one another throughout the year.  Next year we will choose new verses for one another and hopefully by then we will have our sweet baby in our arms.  We want this to be a traditional for years to come in our family.  We believe as Winslow says a mighty power can be found in the power of prayer!


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