Door Lift

After using the same wreaths on my front doors for almost two years I’m kind of tired of them.  My doors need a lift.  So would that be called a door lift?  Anyway . . . if you’ve priced wreaths lately they can be pricey.  Through all the blogs I follow I’ve seen about a hundred tutorials for wreaths.  But for some reason none of them motivated me to actually make one.  But when I saw my mom’s cute homemade UK rag wreath I made my own the next day

All you need is,
  1. wire wreath frame
  2. scrap material
  3. scissors

I have collected an overflowing pile of scrap material that I pick up when it’s in the scrap bin at craft store or even at yard sales.  There was more than enough material in my pile to make two wreaths.  I picked up the wire wreath frames at Michael’s for under $5.  So these two wreaths didn’t cost me more than $10!

If you don’t have scrap material you can buy one yard of fabric (per wreath).  Remember if you want a variety of colors you don’t want to purchase one pattern of fabric but mix it up.  Make a template from a piece of cardboard or some type of sturdy material so the pieces will all be the same size.  The template should be about one inch wide by 10 inches long. 

You will need a lot of material pieces.  The wreath frame I purchased is divided into nine sections with four rows.  However, I included two rows together and tied 10 pieces for each section.  That means you will need approximately 270 strips.  Yes, I seriously calculated how many pieces.  I didn’t actually count while I was cutting but I thought for some of you that might actually make this you would want to know.  So, you’re welcome.  

After the pieces were cut I started tying them.  Let me clarify I didn’t actually tie each piece with a knot.  I looped them (see picture above).  

Okay, so I feel like I just made this project sound extremely hard.  Honestly, you can’t mess it up.  It doesn’t matter if you tie or loop and it doesn’t matter how many material pieces are on each section.  Just jump in and make it the way you like.  I didn’t originally put as many pieces on each section but then when I put it on the door I went back and added some to make it fuller.

The fun thing is there are so many variations.  You can use certain colors for holidays, team colors, or just mix your favorites.  Also note this is a great project while watching TV.  


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