What about the other?

A few weeks ago I introduced you to our sweet Roxie. Since that post we have had several
people ask about our little boy. So I want to answer those questions and give a general
There are many steps to the adoption process which I wrote about here. And even with those
steps there are still many minor details in between, and things that come up unexpectedly. That
is the case for our little guy. We are still very positive and hopeful that he will come home.
However, it seems that his homecoming is not with his sister, as we had expected. There is one
item that is missing from his paperwork in order to be submitted to court. Yes, one. It seems
that one little piece of paper can lead to major obstacles and delays for a life waiting to join his
family. However, we know and believe that God is in control of the perfect timing for his life.  
Unfortunately, until he legally becomes our little boy we cannot introduce him to you. Oh how
I want you to meet him. So just for now I’ll offer a sneak peak of him resting peacefully in his
daddy’s arms.


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