Love List

It’s been awhile since I added something to my love list but this is worth taking the time to love.  Roxie Kyle is teething.  The messy, wet kind of “I put everything within my sight in my mouth” kind of teething.  So . . . when I came across these necklaces I had to give them a try. 

Mindy Mae’s Market offers a super cute necklace for mama to wear and baby to chew.  And it’s safe for your little one’s mouth.  Plus, if Roxie’s not in my lap or arms I can just slip the necklace around her neck. 

There are a variety of colors and bead shapes to choose from.  The $21.99 price isn’t too bad either (especially considering what I’ve spent in $2 and $3 teething toys).  For a lower price of $9.99 they also offer a teething bracelet (it doesn’t have as many options on bead choices). 

Just a side note, Mindy Mae’s Market has lots of other cute things, so make sure to browse through their site.  

Click here to purchase.  

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