Future Bookworm (I hope)

While it is extremely difficult for me to narrow down to saying one thing is my absolute favorite in the whole wide world, there is a long list of things I really like.  Here is just one of the items on my list.  I like to call these my Brown Paper Packages!


I’m a reader, a book lover!  So naturally I want Roxie Kyle to love to read as well.


When she arrived home I didn’t waste any time reading to her.  However, those first few times did not go as I had imagined.  In my mind, she would snuggle up in my lap and lie their fully attentive to each word that I read, wanting more when the book was finished.  Her initial disinterest in the written word did not deter me.  I persevered by introducing her to a different type of book each day until finally, finally I found a winner.  Thank you Karen Katz!


I think what drew her in was that each page had a flap that she could raise to discover what was underneath.  So every morning at breakfast we read the same book over and over and over.


In an effort to change things up a bit for both mama and Roxie, I began the search for more books by this wonderful Karen Katz.  Lo and behold, I found several at TJ Maxx and then a whole box of them at Sam’s.  And they were all a hit!


We read several times throughout the day and the majority of what we read are by Karen Katz.  I still expose her to other authors and styles of writing.  And there are other books that in time she has taken an interest in (see list below).  If there were a favorite though, as crazy as it may sound that a one year has a favorite, Karen Katz is it!

fun facts/reasons we like Katz books

  • Katz has adopted a daughter who has inspired much of her writing
  • Additional (free) resources on her website
  • Bright illustrations
  • Interactive
  • Themed books (for example Baby Loves Summer, Happy Birthday Baby)

other books that Roxie brings to me to read
(I put a star by mama’s favorites)

Click here to learn more about Brown Paper Packages.


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