Caramel Apple Goodness

While it is extremely difficult for me to narrow down to saying one thing is my absolute favorite in the whole wide world, there is a

long list of things I really like. Here is just one of the items on my list. I like to call these my Brown Paper Packages!


I have to admit, I’m really distracted by all the peppermint goodies and cranberry ginger ale at my disposal this time of year.  But I’m trying really hard to focus on the holiday that comes before that.  Thanksgiving.  I love the whole weekend of Thanksgiving; family meals, parade, my birthday, Christmas bazaar . . .  The biggest dilemma I face when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving is what to prepare as my contribution to the family meals.  So in my planning and researching I’ve been drawn to recipes that have the two words “caramel apple” in them.

Does that evoke the same kind of mouth watering thoughts to you as it does to me?  You know the three pack of caramel apples covered in peanuts in the grocery store?  Delicious.  And what about caramel apple suckers . . . YUM!   There is nothing like that bitter, sweet taste on a crisp fall day.  And what makes it even better?  A cup of piping hot cider!  Here are the three recipes I have narrowed it down too.  They have all had a trial run and we give them two thumbs up!  Enjoy! (Click on the picture for the recipe.)

Caramel Apple Pie courtesy of Pioneer Woman


image credit here

Caramel Apple Crisp Bars courtesy of Kraft foods


image credit here

Caramel Apple Salad courtesy of Chef in Training


image credit here


Click here to learn more about Brown Paper Packages.


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