Let’s try this again

It has been a long time (November 2014, 5 years) since I have published a blog post.  I can’t imagine why.  😉  A lot has happened to our family in that time.  Our two kiddos who were at that time 2 years old, are now 8 years old!!  We have added a little girl who is 4 years old and a 2 year old little boy.  So, needless to say we’ve been busy.


Why did I stop blogging?  Why start back?

Well, first I stopped blogging for two reasons.  One, time was just not available.  The time to sit at the computer and write was just difficult for me to find.  Not that I have more time now but I am learning more about how to squeeze things in and manage my time in new ways.  Two, five years ago I was thinking too much about what I was writing.  I labored over every word, trying to ensure that my sentences were phrased just perfectly.  I worried that if I wrote something “wrong” then it might be looked down upon or misunderstood.  I am learning more about myself and how words are important but my words will never be perfect.  Often times sharing something is better than trying to make my words be just right and not saying anything.

I’m starting back because as a wife, mom, volunteer, church member, daughter, sister, community member, friend . . . I want to share.  I love it when others share what they are learning, an organizational tip, a recipe, a book recommendation, a parenting tactic, a fun location to explore, and a plethora of other things.  If I am gaining from others sharing then maybe (just maybe) someone else can gain from my sharing.  Kind of like passing it on.

So, here I go again

IMG_0548 . . .



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