Giveaway Winner

Thanks to random  number generator Mandy is the winner of the Silver Chics necklace!  Congrats!  Send me an email with your address and I will pop it in the mail.


Giveaway . . . that means free!

Raise your hand if you love Silver Chics!  If you didn’t raise your hand then I have to assume you don’t know what Silver Chics is because if you did know you would have both hands in the air.  Meeting Silver Chics (aka Krystie) was both a positive and a negative.  (Krystie’s getting nervous right now.)  A positive because my jewelry collection has definitely benefited.  A negative because my checking account has NOT benefited (but Krystie’s has).  Every time I go by the store or find a Silver’s Chics booth at show I find more jewelry than I need.  She and I share a love for something (besides jewelry) blogs!  She is always so encouraging and supportive about my blog attempt.  So right now you’re thinking we don’t care Wendy just tell us what the giveaway is.  Silver Chics graciously donated an adorable necklace for one lucky reader.  The necklace has three charms (as you can see in the pictures).  And if you wanted more you could always go by and visit Silver Chics to have more charms added. 

Here’s how to put your name in the hat, comment.  Yep that’s it, just comment on this post.  If you notice just a few lines below where you are currently reading there is the word comment.  Click it and then add your comment, that’s it.  Sunday, August 7 I will go to and one lucky reader will be a WINNER!  You know what, while you’re at it go ahead and be a follower of my blog.  If you become a follower I will also add your name on the list to be a winner.  So yes if you comment and become a follower your name goes in twice.  It doesn’t get much better than that!