What’s different?

As I snuggle into bed I snatch my Pepto Bismol pink covered iPad from the night stand and begin scrolling.  Right before my eyelids starting wavering I browse through my unread blog posts.  It’s funny to see what catches my attention now as opposed to what caught my attention a few months ago.  You see I really enjoy making things . . .  from other people’s ideas . . .  that don’t always turn out like the idea I started with. Nonetheless, whether it’s with yarn, fabric, paper, stamps, or whatever I can get my hands on; I truly enjoy crafting.  So, often times when I’m scrolling through blog posts, I bookmark the crafts that I want to make, sometimes even stopping right where I am to get the materials needed to start the project I cannot do without.  But what I notice on this particular night is that these crafts I used to stop and study, I skim right over. That’s cute, I think and then move on. Why?  What’s happened to me?  What’s different?


I have a 17 month old.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I have not abandoned crafts completely.  I look forward to the day where Roxie Kyle and I can create together.  We even gave it a shot for Valentine’s Day.  You can read about that experience here.  There are very possibly some super star moms out there than can craft with the best of them and have a 17 month old.  But right now that is not me!  I do good to get us all fed, make sure we have clean underwear, and scrape dried peas off the floor.  I have resolved that life is not over just because crafting has taken a back seat.  Life just involves something called change.


This isn’t really about not having my craft time because in the grand scheme of things that is but a small sacrifice.  However, it’s what God revealed to me in this moment.  My life has changed.


In the past change has scared me, at times even paralyzed me.  But this change, called parenthood, hasn’t really given me much time to sit around being scared.  There is another little person counting on me.  She needs me each day.  So I must move forward into this new part of life and along the way I notice these glimpses of change.  Some big and some small.  I notice that with change there is challenge.  There are hills to climb.  There is so much joy!  And there is a WHOLE LOT of learning.


I’ve learned it is ok to not know what to do and it’s smart to ask questions.  There’s constant praying involved and an infinite amount of trust.  I’m being stretched, sanctified.


And every once in awhile, when there is a still moment (usually during naptime) I realize that this change is molding me to look more like Christ just as I was created to be and for that I’m thankful.