Kisses from Katie

The pleasure I find in reading literature has grown as I have grown.  There is now a sense of overflow.  Please do not misunderstand me.  I can never be full of literature and come to a stopping point.  What I mean is that I want others to enjoy reading the written word as much as I do.  We can all benefit from a good story.  That is why I want to share with you Bookworm Mama.

In this space, I am going to overflow a bit and send some good reads your way!  I have no intention of bashing authors or a style of writing or someone’s story.  Primarily, what I say here will be about books I have read and think others will enjoy reading as well.  In each Bookworm Mama review I will provide a synopsis followed by 2 reasons I think you should check it out also.  Nothing fancy, just my thoughts.  I hope you enjoy!

Title:  Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption
Author:  Katie Davis


I know I’m a little behind.  It seems so many others finished reading Kisses for Katie months ago.  After much encouragement from family and friends I finally read it.  It is a beautiful picture of sacrifice for the sake of Christ.  Katie shares her journey of leaving her comfortable world behind and being obedient to the desire God gave her to serve the people of Uganda.

 2 reasons


When this book was written the author, Katie Davis, had adopted fourteen girls.  So naturally adoption is woven throughout her story.  When referring to adoption she says, “And it comes with huge heartache and huge God-wrestling.”  Oh how I can relate to this as I’m sure so many other adoptive families can as well.  It’s so nice to read someone else’s words and be able to see yourself in them, knowing that you’re not alone.

When wondering why these children have to come from hurtful places she remembers “that all of this, even this hard part, is working for the good in their lives, for the good of God and His kingdom”.  She goes on to say that “hardships are gifts that He is using to strengthen us as a family and in Him so that He may transform us into His likeness.”  What an encouragement to not only physically adopted children but spiritually adopted children as well.


It infiltrates her life, her daily living.  It is not something that is separate from who she is and what she does each day.  It is her lifeline, her breath.  As I read, this was such a challenge for me and my daily life.  Do I live like this?  It seems that Davis is living in a constant state of dependence on God’s word.  Even though I don’t live in a third world country I still should be just as dependent on His word.  It should still infiltrate my life, my daily living.

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