Love List

 So, I have a confession . . .

I have a slight obsession with magazines.  I mean really, I can’t get enough of them.  Okay, let me state that I am not a magazine hoarder.  I do not keep every magazine I ever buy, just parts of them.  Let me explain. 

When I open my mailbox and see the shiny, thick bound paper with bright, captivating pictures on the cover my heart starts racing just a little bit. 
I immediately begin to plan the perfect moment to sit down with my new magazine and explore what’s inside.  This is a very calculated moment.  No, I do not immediately run home and rush through the pages.  I plan.  There are only a few times and places that I relish in my new magazine.  It may be while soaking in a bath, snuggling down into bed with a piping hot cup of joe, or on the back porch in the quiet of the morning.  I want to ensure I soak up every bit of goodness from each page, picture, or written word.      
As much as I love my magazines, I do not want to keep every one of them.  But there are so many wonderful things in them I don’t want to throw away and forget.  Herein lies the problem but don’t fret I have the solution.  I only keep parts of them.  As I pore over my magazine I come upon things I want to buy, recipes I want to try, places I want to visit, crafts I want to make.  When I come upon something I simply tear that page(s) out. 
Then I put it carefully in a plastic protective sleeve and place it in the appropriate binder.  Yes, I file my magazine tear outs.  This may sound crazy but it is amazing! 

I have several binders and each has a separate topic.  For example, I have a binder that has recipes I want to try.  As I find a recipe I simply put it in that binder and there it stays until the recipe is attempted.  I keep this one in the kitchen.  Plus it keeps my recipes nice and clean when I’m dripping whatever I’m cooking across the kitchen.  It’s so great because if I try the recipe or make the craft and I like it I simply keep it in the binder and if I don’t like it then it goes to the trash.  What are the other binders (or sections in binders) I have?   You should definitely give it a try! 
You may find, that like me, you end up trying a lot more things than you would have otherwise and feeling like you're getting the most out of each magazine that comes through the mail. 

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