Our Nation’s Capital

Washington D.C. is one of those cities I do not tire of. 
When I found out I would be attending a conference for my new job I was thankful for a new opportunity to learn more about this new work world I’m in.  However, when I discovered the conference location was D.C. I jumped at the chance.  Ever since my childhood friend, Ashlee, moved to D.C. seven years ago I have fallen in love.  Not only is it rich in history but the beauty never gets old.  It is definitely on the top of my list to visit over and over. 

So even though the majority of my days were spent in meetings the night was left for enjoying and exploring.  A slight disadvantage to the beginning of my visit was my personal tour guide, Ashlee, was spending much needed time at the beach.  Thankfully my sweet new friend from Mississippi was willing to enjoy the city with me.  So off we headed. 

We were able to visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on the first official day the memorial was open to the public.  How cool!  Michelle (my new friend) mentioned that when that day is talked about in the future we will realize how old we are because we will be able to say, “We were there for the opening.” 

We jumped back on the metro to ride a few stops to We the Pizza.  Leave it to Ashlee to find all the best pizza joints in any town.  The buffalo chicken and pepperoni are my favorites but the combinations are endless. 

Another added bonus to We the Pizza are their Italian style sodas.  I can’t not order the traditional Shirley Temple.  However, Michelle was more adventurous and ordered the “Jupina Pineapple Soda” and the “Co, Co, Nut Soda”.  She said they were both great but the pineapple was her fav of the two. 

Who knew the next day would bring a 5.8 earthquake? 

It was scary but it didn’t deter us for long.  When Ashlee arrived back in town my meetings were already over so she whipped, by picked me up, and we headed to Georgetown for supper.  We decided on Serendipity. 

Yes, it’s the same Serendipity that’s in NYC.  We had both eaten at the one in NYC.  The main difference we saw was that in NYC you have to make reservations weeks in advance and we walked right in and sat down in D.C. 

I ordered the chicken pot pie, which was delicious!  Ashlee had the double decker grilled cheese and tomato soup, equally delicious! 
And of course we couldn’t pass up the famous frrrrrrozen hot chocolate (but we did share). 
Two different visits prior to this one we have attempted to go to Georgetown Cupcakes (aka DC cupcakes on TLC).  The first time they were closed and the second time there was a two hour wait.  Yes, that’s right two hours for a cupcake.  Since it was only two blocks away from Serendipity we headed over to check out the line which to our surprise was only about 15 minutes.  Third times a charm. 

My three purchases were the lemon blossom , salted caramel, and coconut.  They took a rough ride in my bag but still tasted cupcakelicious!

On my final day Ashlee and I were able to have lunch at the Red Hook Lobster Truck

There are many food trucks to choose from in the D.C. area but Ashlee says this one is one of her favorites. 
The lobster roll is AMAZING! 
Before I headed out of town I was able to make a quick stop at a few tourist spots; trip to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum . . .

I saw the Hope Diamond . . .

and the capsule that rescued 33 miners in Chile . . .
and I strolled through the United States Botanical Gardens.

And then it was time to go home. 
Until we meet again D.C. I will miss you . . .

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