Children of God

The Lord has been faithful to continue teaching us about the biblical perspective of adoption and not just an earthly perspective.  So, it seems I can’t get my hands on enough about the topic.  Whether it be books, articles, sermons, blogs, or other websites I’m drinking in any and all information.  When my aunt told me Third Day had a song about adoption I couldn’t wait to get to my computer.  It seems I’ve become a much more emotional person these days, so tears don’t surprise me.  However, I wasn’t fully prepared for the tears that flowed freely as I stared at my computer screen.  Naturally, the topic of adoption is dear to my heart due to the process we are experiencing personally.  But there is so much more to adoption that effects all of us!  

Even now, before I have even seen our child, I am praying for his salvation, his adoption into God’s family.  My prayer is that God would reveal to our child the truth about an adoption that is far greater than his earthly adoption.  What B and I could do for him on this earth doesn’t compare to God adopting him.  I pray that we can teach him the truth that we all are orphans, but if we are in Christ we are His adopted sons and daughters therefore co-heirs with Christ.  My prayer is that he will become a part of the ultimate family, the family of God! 

Through their song “Children of God”, Third Day provides a beautiful visual picture of this truth.   


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